A little about myself


Hello and welcome!  I am a rock and mineral enthusiast and lover of anything that comes from the ground.  Nature and rocks have always been a passion of mine.  If you can’t find me 400 feet deep in a quarry looking for crystals then you will find me picking up fallen sticks to create my fabulous wooden earring sets!  

I have been collecting rocks and minerals from all over the world for about six years.  I often mine them myself or attend trade shows with others that share the same passion for rocks and minerals.  I am always in search of the perfect piece!  I love the energy that is emitted from rocks and minerals and use this to guide me in finding and creating my pieces.  

What AKS Designs specialize in:

  • Handmade Custom Wooden Earrings 
  • Healing Crystals, Semi Precious Stones and Minerals
  • Cabochon Stone Settings and Jewelry

I enjoy all projects and try new items all the time, I appreciate you stopping by to check out my work! 

Amber Stewart

AKS Designs